ATTEN AT-90DH 90w/110v Digital Soldering Station with Pencil
Model AT-90DH
Manufactory ATTEN
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The ATTEN AT-90DH is a digital soldering station with 90w, 220v or 110v optional, multiple power soldering power station unit, soldering pencil and stand. This unit features three freely programmable temperature preset buttons that allow for quick and easy temperature changes. Temperature range is from 100-500℃ (212 degree F to 932 degree F). The big LCD backlight display can provide more information at a glance with easy readout. The soldering station has ℃ and ℉ switching function which allows users to easy change the temperature display mode according to their preference in either ℃ or ℉.
ATTEN AT-90DH Digital Soldering Station
The soldering station features a smart auto sleep function with a sleep time from 1 to 99mins, 0 minutes doesn’t sleep automatically. When the digital soldering station is not in use for a preset sleep time, it will go to idle mode automatically. The intelligent automatic sleeping mode can also realize the double longevity of heater and iron tip. The temperature of your soldering pencil will drop to 200℃ (392℉) in the idle mode. This soldering stations utilizes the 3rd generation heater consisted of silver intersection and PTC wire. The silver alloy conductive material ensures a minimum heat loss. It has very fast heat up. Only need 10 seconds to rise from room temperature to 350℃. The temperature recovery speed is extremely fast. The soldering station features a very useful temperature lock function with personalized code. With the feature enabled, you can easily set a temperature or other settings that cannot be changed by the operator. ATTEN AT-90DH soldering station is a budget soldering tool. It can save money in the long run as well, due to the iron tip of smaller size, split design of heater and iron, you can get replacement or accessories with lower expenses.

90W Digital Soldering Station with LCD Display and Fast Heat Up
Only need 10 seconds from room temperature to 350℃.
Silver alloy conductive materials ensures a minimum heat loss.
Fresh new appearance, digital soldering station with big LCD backlight display, easy readout.
Visual operating control, analog bar indicates temperature change.
Multi-power switching mode control, suitable for different occasions.
Three temperature hot key substantially make soldering a easy job.
Temperature lock with personalized code.
Automatic sleeping mode realizes the double longevity of heater and iron tip.
Lower expenses on accessories due to the iron tip of smaller size, split design of heater and iron.

Technical Specifications:
Power consumption: 90W
Input voltage: 220VAC 50Hz (110V optional))
Output voltage: 24VAC
Temperature Range: 100-500℃ (212-932℉)
Temperature calibration Range: -50~+50℃(-58~+122℉)
Password range: 001-999(000means unlocked001)
Sleep temperature: 200℃
Sleep time: 0-99mins(0 minutes doesn’t sleep)
Temperature Accuracy: +/-10℃
Temperature Stability: +/-2℃(still air)
Tip to ground impedance: < 2
Tip to ground voltage: < 2 mV
Dimension: 168(L)X110(W)X95(H)
Weight: 2.0KG