Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều DC Viam Vina BPS3003SE
Model BPS3003SE
Thương hiệu VIAM VINA
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều DC Viam Vina BPS3003SE


Utilizing SMD technology
With the function of voltage and current pre-set
With on-off switch for DC output
Highly accurate digital display for voltage output
Large LED for voltage output
With S+, S- sampling connectors
Extention output connectors

BoB Tek BPS series Regulated DC Power Supply comprises the following models:
BPS3003SX: Single 0~30V, 0~3A
BPS3005SX: Single 0~30V, 0~5A
BPS5003SX: Single 0~50V, 0~3A
BPS3003DX: Dual 0~30V, 0~3A
BPS3005DX: Dual 0~30V, 0~5A
BPS3003TX: Dual 0~30V, 0~3A and Fixed 5V,3A
BPS3005TX: Dual 0~30V, 0~5A and Fixed 5V,3A

It features low ripple and high stability.
Main features for the above models are as follows:
1) Utilizes SMT technology.
2) LCD display to show voltage and current.
3) LCD display to show regulated voltage and current.
4) Green/Amber LCD back-light selectable.
5) Auto interchangeable of regulated voltage and current.
6) Multi-turn variable device to provide high precision voltage setting.
7) Step-by-step current limit setting.
8) Auto-tracking on PARALLEL and SERIAL working condition.
9) Extended output terminal connection.
10) Continuously working under full loaded condition.