Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều DC Viam Vina BPS3003TC
Model BPS3003TC
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều DC Viam Vina BPS3003TC


Utilizing SMD technology
LCD displays voltage and current
LCD displays stable voltage and current
Discretional choice of green, yellow backlight for LCD
Automatic conversion of stable voltage and current
Loopy type high accuracy voltage regulation
Step-type electric current adjustment
Automatic tracking by in series or in parallel connected
With extention output connectors
Can be continuous opreation under full-load

BoB Tek BPS series Regulated DC Power Supply comprises the following models:
BPS3003SX: Single 0~30V, 0~3A
BPS3005SX: Single 0~30V, 0~5A
BPS5003SX: Single 0~50V, 0~3A
BPS3003DX: Dual 0~30V, 0~3A
BPS3005DX: Dual 0~30V, 0~5A
BPS3003TX: Dual 0~30V, 0~3A and Fixed 5V,3A
BPS3005TX: Dual 0~30V, 0~5A and Fixed 5V,3A

It features low ripple and high stability.
Main features for the above models are as follows:
1) Utilizes SMT technology.
2) LCD display to show voltage and current.
3) LCD display to show regulated voltage and current.
4) Green/Amber LCD back-light selectable.
5) Auto interchangeable of regulated voltage and current.
6) Multi-turn variable device to provide high precision voltage setting.
7) Step-by-step current limit setting.
8) Auto-tracking on PARALLEL and SERIAL working condition.
9) Extended output terminal connection.
10) Continuously working under full loaded condition.