Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều TAKASAGO HX0300-50
Model HX0300-50
Thương hiệu VIAM VINA
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều TAKASAGO HX0300-50
High capacity Switching-Type Constant Voltage/Constant Current DC Power Supply

1. High capacity
A wide lineup from 6 to 75kW! You can connect up to ten units in parallel connection or up to two units in serial connection (models with output voltages of 300V or less), which can be controlled by one master (one-stop control).
2. Low noise
300mVp-p (max) for 15kW output
3. High efficiency
High efficiency of 90% or higher (models with output voltages of 30V or higher)
4. Compatible with high voltages
Compatible with output voltages up to 1000V. Please inquire Takasago about higher-voltage models..
5. Shorter transient recovery time
The 60V type and others have achieved 1ms or shorter
6. Easy system enhancement
Wide-ranging computer control functions (*option) allow you to read various parameter settings, measurements, alarms,
and statuses from the serial communication ports of PC, PLC, etc.

Capacity : 15kW
Output power : 0 to 300V
Output current : 0 to 50A