Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều TOYOTECHTDP-305A
Model TDP-305A
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều TOYOTECHTDP-305A

Model   TDP305A
Display Readout   3-Digit LED Type
Main Variable Voltage   0 to 30V
Voltage Resolution   100mV
Main Variable Current   0 to 5A
Current Resolution   10mA
Output Max Power   150W
Fixed output of voltage and current   -
Voltage and Current Indication accuracyV   ±(0.5%rdg+2digit)
A   ±(0.5%rdg+2digit)
Line Regulation   Less than 0.01% +2mV for power source voltage change of ±10%
Load Regulation   Less than 0.01% +3mV for load variation of 0 to 100%
Ripple voltage   ≤ 0.5mV(rms)
Stability   ≤ 5mV
Atmosphere   0 ~ +40℃, 80%RH
AC Power input   115V / 230V ±10%, 50Hz / 60Hz
Dimension   105(w) x 147(H) x 230(D) mm
Weight   4.5kg
Stand accessories   Manual(1), Output cable(1), AC cord(1),
   Fuse(1), Short bar(1)