Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều tuyến tính Smart Power 1kW
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Bộ cấp nguồn một chiều tuyến tính Smart Power 1kW
Linear mode Power Supplier provide an ideal DC source to your DUT with high stability
TRP, TDP and TIP series are a basic design models for a power supply which consists of a linear device such as a transistor or MOSFET in series with a rectifier and load.

Many engineers who have experienced serious prob-lems caused by ripple and noise from SMPS still want to use linear mode Power Supplier under low efficiency and big size.

It’s very hard to reduce the size of a linear mode power supply because an irreducible big power trans-former should be employed.

But we can try to increase efficiency of a linear mode power supply with simple changes.

Most of loss power is dissipated at the series linear device that is working as a variable resistor to maintain a stable DC output without ripple and noise.

To minimize the power loss of a linear mode power supply, the phase controlled SCR method for a rectifier that maintains a low voltage drop across the series linear device has been used.

Also many parallel MOSFETs with current sharing circuit that have low static drain-source on-resistance have been employed instead of transistors.

It will reduce the voltage drop across MOS-FET in series.

Linear mode Power Supplier usually are the simplest, most effective solution for providing bench power because they provide sufficient power with stable regulation and little noise.

Features & Advanced functions
High Stability
Low Ripple & Noise
Voltage Sensing Operation
Over Voltage Protection
Over Current Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Remote Control (available in TRP series only)
· RS-232C, USB Connector
· RS-485 replacement (Optional)
Advanced Functions (available in TDP, TRP series)
· Over Current Protection (OCP) Setting
· Buzzer Off Setting
· Short Protection Setting (1mΩ ~ 9.999Ω)
· Voltage Slope Mode (0.01 ~ 9999s)
· Current Slope Mode (0.01 ~ 9999s)
· Hold Mode (1 ~ 9999s)
· Slope-Hold Mode
19” Rack Mountable

Component Aging Test
Chlorine dioxide generators based on Electrolysis, Chemical Reaction Equipment
Lamp Lighting (LED Test, CCFL Test and etc)
Battery Charging, Capacitor Charging Test
Industrial Electronic Design, Laboratory
Experimental Education