Bộ cấp nguồn xoay chiều Kikusui PCR2000LA
Model PCR2000LA
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Bộ cấp nguồn xoay chiều Kikusui PCR2000LA
The Kikusui PCR2000LA AC Power Supply features high-quality, high-stability output and a high-speed amplifier. It has the following specifications:
- Output Capacity:혻2 kVA
- Max Current (100V/200V): 20A/10A
- Apparent input power:혻4 kVA (approximately)
- Single Phase
- Output Voltage AC: 1 to 150 / 2 to 300V
- Output Voltage DC: 짹1.4 to 짹212 / 짹2.8 to 짹424V
- Output Frequency (setting range 1 to 999.99 Hz): 0.01 Hz (1.00 to 99.99 Hz) / (100.0 to 999.9 Hz)

Features of the Kikusui PCR2000LA include:
- Peak Current Fourt Times Greater than Rating:
> A peak current of up to four times the max currrent ratings (RMS value) can be handled with a capacitor input-type rectifier
- DC Output Also Supported
> The system supports a DC output mode as standard, enabling a DC output of 짹 1.4 to 424V
- Excellent I/O Characteristics
> The system offers outstanding I/O characteristics with a voltage waveform distortion rate of 0.3% or less. An active filter (power factor = 0.95) reduces the occurrence of a harmonics current.
- Range of Measuring Functions
> In addition to the RMS and peak voltage and current values, power factor, and apparent and effective power values, the FFT function built into the system`s main unit enables the simple mesurement of the harmoncis current (1st to 39th)
- Arbitrary Waveform Creation
> The built-in arbitrary waveform synthesizer can be used for power line abnormality situations

A choice of three output modes are available, consisting of an AC mode, DC mode and a combined AC + DC mode. (The use of the combined AC + DC mode is available as an option.)

The Kikusui PCR2000LA is useful for testing in the following applications:
- Power Supply Environment Testing
- Power Supply Harmonics Current Testing
- Global Commercial Power Supplier
- EMI Testing