Bộ khuếch đại Audio Precision APx581
Model APx581
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Bộ khuếch đại Audio Precision APx581
8 Channel Switching Amplifier Filter

The AUX-0100 is an eight-channel passive low-pass filter specifically designed to minimize switching amplifier carrier components while passing a broad audio spectrum
This filter provides the signal preconditioning necessary to accurately measure switching amplifier outputs using a wide-range audio analyzer.

- Passive design for optimal performance.
- Balanced XLR inputs / DB-25 outputs ready for easy connection to APx585
- multichannel audio analyzer.
- Custom inductors designed for power handling and minimizing low-frequency distortion.
- Rack mount option available with RAK-AUX-0100 kit.

APx585 Multichannel Audio Analyzer, 8 inputs / 8 outputs
APx581 Switching Amplifier Filter
AUX-0025 Switching Amplifier Measurement Filter