Bộ khuếch đại RF NF WF1956
Model WF1956
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Bộ khuếch đại RF NF WF1956
DDS(Digital Direct Synthesis) method allows generation of highly accurate broadband signals with high resolution
Broadband lineup with frequency accuracy of ± 5 ppm,
frequency setting resolution of 0.01μHz, and frequency range
of 0.01μHz to 15 MHz/50 MHz/100 MHz.
The best-in-class waveform vertical resolution delivers high-precision waveform output
WF 1945A and WF 1946A achieve high-quality waveform
and amplitude accuracy with 16-bit waveform resolution.
Standard 5 waveforms and arbitrary waveform output
In addition to arbitrary waveforms and standard five waveforms
such as sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, and saw-tooth
wave, these synthesizers can generate noise and DC.
Variety of oscillation modes, sweep function, and modulation function
In addition to burst, gate, trigger, and triggered gate oscillations,
various sweep functions are provided. Various modulations such
as FM, PM, AM, offset, and PWM can be achieved.
Versatile-functions of 2-channel output
WF 1944A, WF 1946A, WF 1966, and WF 1956 have 2-channel
output. They can provide 2 independent channels, 2 phases
(phase can be changed), constant frequency ratio, constant
frequency difference, and differential output.
Equipped with GPIB and USB interfaces
Standard specification provides GPIB and USB interfaces.
Their compatibility with computers is excellent
(WF 1956 is equipped with GPIB interface only).
Equipped with many advanced functions while being user friendly
They are equipped with“Key Navigation”that only illuminates
the key to be operated next. They realize smooth operations
while providing many advanced functions.
Well-developed 7 models from which you can choose according to your application and budget
We lined up 7 models from which you can choose according to
frequency, the number of channels, function and price you want.