Đồng hồ đo vạn năng ADCMT 7351A
Model 7351A
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Đồng hồ đo vạn năng ADCMT 7351A

7351 A / 7351 E / 7351 E + 03 is a general-purpose, low cost digital multimeter that can be used in a wide range from research and development to production line, with 5 · 1/2 digits (maximum display 199999). 7351 A has GPIB and USB interface, 7351 E has UBS interface, 7351 E + 03 is USB and RS 232 loaded model. The integration time 1 PLC achieved 46 times per second (60 Hz) and the best measurement speed in the class. This will greatly contribute to reduction of takt time and improvement of quality in the production line. In addition, since USB I / F was installed as standard, measurement data can be easily acquired using a notebook computer, etc., and data analysis in R & D as well as production line can be done smoothly.