Kính hiển vi soi nổi Viam Vina SZMN-651
Model SZMN-651
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Kính hiển vi soi nổi Viam Vina SZMN-651
Wide field of vision, a large zoom ratio, long working distance.
Integrated design of LED lighting and stand.
SZN series zoom stereo microscopes meet high-precision requirements on modern biology, medicine,
scientific research, inspection lines in modern electronics and other technology industries.
All optical components are through special processing and coated with special film, formed a high-quality
flat and good contrast optical images in the wide field. Especially in the peripheral visual field, it is more
bright and clear.
Zoom objective lens 0.67X~4.5X (6.7:1), standard magnification 6.7X~45X. Use optional auxiliary lens,
the magnification can be 2X~225X.
The standard working distance is 100mm, use optional auxiliary lens, the working distance can
extend to 26mm~287mm.
Viewing head 45°inclined, best eyepoint height, correspond with ergonomic design, feel less fatigue
when long time use.
Adopt diopter adjustment eyepiece, ensure the different vision of users to get a clear image.
The zoom hand wheel (axial) bilateral settings, easy operation, high precision zoom repeat.
Built-in wide-range voltage 110V~240V, top & bottom LED illuminator, uniform lighting and separate control.
Brightness is adjusted separately, it can provide long time and same color temperature lighting in whichever
light intensity.Stable light intensity, low voltage, low consumption, low heating value and long lifetime.