Máy hàn Atten ST-100
Model ST-100
Thương hiệu ATTEN
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A modern, ergonomically-styled 100W digital soldering station incorporating the features demanded by today's soldering techniques and energy-saving requirements.
Output power 100W
LCD display screen
Modern ergonomic design
3 buttons to quickly store and retrieve frequently used temperature values
Microprocessor controlled temperature calibration for increased accuracy
Smart recognition of in-use and idle status
Intelligent cooling and temperature recovery
Automatic standby and shutdown for safety and extended life
Well designed menu for simpler system setting
Analogue status bar indicates heating up status
Temperature lock for production line management
Adjustable standby and shutdown time for energy saving
Audible button Touchtone with on/off control
Low-voltage iron heater completely isolated from the power supply
Separate iron stand saves room and makes soldering station placement easier
Pack includes: base station, soldering iron, iron stand, power cord, cleaning sponge and instruction manual
Atten type ST-100

Input voltage220 to 240V AC, 50Hz220 to 240V AC, 50Hz220 to 240V AC, 50Hz
Heater voltage26V AC28V AC24V AC
Temperature range150 to 450°C / 302 to 842°F150 to 480°C / 302 to 896°F150 to 480°C / 302 to 896°F
Temperature offset range±50°C / ±90°F±50°C / ±90°F±50°C / ±90°F
Temperature accuracy±15°C±10°C±10°C
Temperature stability (in still air, no load)±2°C±2°C±2°C
Automatic stand-by time1 to 120 minutes1 to 120 minutes1 to 120 minutes
Standby temperature150°C150°C150°C
Automatic shutdown time1 to 120 minutes1 to 120 minutes1 to 120 minutes
Temperature adjustment (default / fine)5 digits / 1 digit5 digits / 1 digit5 digits / 1 digit
HeaterHigh performance dual-wireHigh end quad-wireSilver alloy
Temperature lockYesYesYes
Tip-to-ground impedance<2Ω<2Ω<2Ω
Tip-to-ground voltage<2mV<2mV<2mV
Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H)175 x 115 x 95mm175 x 115 x 95mm175 x 115 x 95mm
Net weight1.85kg2.36kg2.4kg