Máy phân tích mạng Advantest R3770
Model R3770
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Máy phân tích mạng Advantest R3770
20GHz RF Vector Network Analyzer

The Advantest R3770 Network Analyzer is a high-performance multi-port analyzer designed with a greater emphasis on measuring passive components.

The R3770 includes software fixture function that perform real-time simulation of virtual matching circuits and standardized impedance conversion in addition to S-parameter analysis. At the worlds fastest high-speed sweep of 5 is/point, simulations of even complex analysis are accomplished instantly.

Moreover, multi-port models can perform software balun simulations and balance parameter analysis. If these models are combined and used with the flexible multi-window and multi-trace functions, they can also measure complex analysis items instantly. The large, high-visibility display is a key factor in improving the analysis efficiency because it enables the simultaneous display of multi-port paths in addition to the simultaneous display of fixture simulation traces.

R3770-0400-2010 Basic Model
Include : 8050Q/03 Maury 3.5mm Cal kit, 3.5mm flexible cable x 4,
SMA adaptor (Female/Male) x 4,
Front Cover, MDAS-PRO Recovery FD