Máy phân tích mạng Agilent 85107B
Model 85107B
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Máy phân tích mạng Agilent 85107B
85107B Microwave Network Analyzer, 45 MHz to 50 GHz

The Keysight 85107B microwave vector network analyzer is a complete system configured with a Keysight 8510C vector network analyzer, a 50 GHz S-parameter test set, a 50 GHz synthesized sweeper, and 2.4 mm measurement accessories. Option 005 adds step attenuators and bias tees to the test set; option 007 provides high power and high dynamic range. The instruments are integrated in the system rack prior to shipment from the factory. Installation is included at no additional charge. This preconfigured system is a complete solution for characterizing the linear behavior of either active or passive networks over the 45 MHz to 50 GHz frequency range.

Key Features & Specifications
Real-time error-corrected measurements
0.001 dB, 0.01 degree, 0.01 ns measurement resolution
Optional time domain and pulsed RF measurement capability

Opt. 001,007,EB2