Máy phân tích mạng SPIRENT SMB200
Model SMB200
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Máy phân tích mạng SPIRENT SMB200
Portable Network Performance Analysis System

- Small, lightweight, and portable.
- Holds up to four SmartCards.
- Bundled with three PC-based software applications for
comprehensive performance analysis (SmartWindow™,
SmartLib™, and SmartApplications™).
- Supports a 10 Mbps Ethernet connection to a host PC.
- Provides remote control through the Internet. Can also
be controlled via an RS-232 port.
- Provides GPS Support. You can remotely synchronize
the timing mechanism of multiple chassis by using the
external GPS kit. This allows accurate measurement of
one-way latency and jitter, 100-ns accuracy timestamps,
and system start/stop.
- Includes RJ-45 expansion-in and expansion-out jacks.
Accepts external 10 MHz clock signals.
- Up to 512 chassis can be synchronously connected by
using SmartBits multi-chassis extension units.

- SmartBits chassis with four SmartCard slots.
Controllable over the Internet or from a PC equipped
with SmartWindow.
- Input Power: 90-264 VAC. Nominal 115 or 230 VAC,
47-63 Hz.
- Dimensions: 12.25"W x 3"H x 12"D (31.4W x 7.7H x
30.8D cm).
- Weight: 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) fully loaded. Shipping weight
approximately 8 lbs. (3.63 kg).
- Operating environment: 59˚ to 104˚ F (15˚ to 40˚ C);
20 to 80% relative humidity. Must have space for