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Model SA-50
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SA-50 Soldering Iron

SA-50 is 50W portable, variable temperature controlled soldering iron, with ceramic heater, three cores grounding wire ensures safety, wide temperature range: 200 – 500 ℃.

- High performance four-core wire PTC ceramic heater
- Temperature in Ď and Đ
- Temperature up to 500℃ making it versatile
- Manual temperature calibration by knob controlling
- High efficiency of heating to reduce energy consumption.
- Heat and fire resistant material handle set with light, slender and
ergonomic design.
- Soldering tip designed separate from heater and using
exchangeable 900M series to save use-cost.(Page 18)
- Grounded 3 core power cord and ESD safe design to minimize
damage to user and sensitive electronic components TECHNICAL DETAILS
Power consumption: 50W
Input voltage: AC (100V-120V) 60Hz
Temperature Range: 200°C~500°C (392°F~932°F)
Temperature stability (still air, no load): ±2°C
Temperature accuracy: ±10°C
Tip to ground impedance: <2Ω
Tip to ground potential: <2mV
Heater: Quad-wire ceramic heating element
Hand piece length: ~245mm / ~9.6"
Weight (just the iron): ~95g