Tải điện tử Fujitsu Denso EML-05B+EML-150Lx5
Model EML-05B+EML-150Lx5
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Tải điện tử Fujitsu Denso EML-05B+EML-150Lx5
EML series electronic load is a high-performance multi-input electronic load, which is a modular switching mode operation possible and constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage mode. Two types of frames and 5CH 3CH, load module of high voltage and corresponding low voltage, series configuration is 6 models of four types of slave modules provide additional capacity for each. By selecting according to the application load module, and plug into the frame, it can be configured freely system, it is quite useful to test, such as a multi-output power supply. Load simulation can be done alone program setting is possible from the front panel. In addition, full programmable control is possible through RS-232C interface or GB-IB of standard equipment, as dummy load, such as a printer for greater supply of load variation and pulse discharge of the battery, simulation close to the actual load is possible. In addition, load control and measurement system design is facilitated by the voltage and current measurement capability with high accuracy.


- Combined freely according to the application
be selected can be combined to meet the needs of the module by each channel.
- Multi-Functional Easy
is easy to load set by the digital control by the CPU. Achieve easy operation by the auto-return function to return to the basic mode and multi-key, can be set in one-touch multi-function.
- Remote sensing function
constant resistance and constant voltage operation, more accurate characteristic test can be done the device under test end.
- High resolution
because the built-in function of the two ranges of true worth, the dynamic range is wide (0.25A 1mA, in the 150H at 150L) high resolution.
- Parallel operation
can be operated in parallel with high accuracy, and automatically set the measurement range and the number set by the slave by the slave module.
- Remote control can
build a system it is easy to fully programmable control of all the functions, readback of the data is possible because as standard RS-232C and GP-IB as an external interface.
- Possible load simulation
by an external interface or front panel, you can program the operation of up to 250 step up to each channel individually.

Option. EML150Lx5