Tải điện tử Kikusui PLZ1004W
Model PLZ1004W
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Tải điện tử Kikusui PLZ1004W


Kikusui PLZ1004W

Multifunction DC Load

The Kikusui PLZ1004W electronic load is a multifunctional system designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety. The electronic load contains a stable and high-performance current control circuit that enables high-speed load simulations. In addition, its CPU control feature works to improve operability and multifunctional capability. Because the electronic load comes standard with GPIB, RS232C and USB communication functions, it can easily be incorporated into wide-ranging test and inspection systems.



  • Wattage: 0 to 1000 W
  • Current: 0 to 200A
  • Voltage: 1.5 to 150 Vdc
  • Rise/Fall time: 10μs
  • Slew Rate: 16A/μs
  • Connect up to 4 load boosters (PLZ2004WB) for 9 kW, 1800A capability
  • Connect up to 5 PLZ1004W in parallel for 5 kW, 1000A capability