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 Specifications for Handheld Type Digital Torque Gauge HTG series

OutlineAdvanced model with various functions such as data saving
in USB memory stick, angle(displacement) I/O and more
Standard model
Unit of measurement (*1)N-m, N-cm, kgf-m, kgf-cm, lbf-in, ozf-in (N-cm, kgf-cm, lbf-in and ozf-in are available for 0.5N-m.)
Display4-digit Organic EL
Display update16 / sec
Sampling rate2000 data / sec at maximum (*2)
BatteryNickel-hydrogen battery / Operating time:8 hours (2hours full charge) (*3)
Safe overload ratingApprox.200%F.S.
Operating environmentTemperature: 0 to +40 degree Celsius, Humidity: 20 to 80%RH
Function Customized display (header and footer), Peak hold (clockwise and counter-clockwise), Internal 1000 points data memory,
Comparator (judgment of OK or NG), Reversible display, Sign inversion, Zero clear timer,
+NG alarm, Off timer (auto power off), Dumping, Time display, setting lock
Angle zero reset at selected torque(*4)-

USB, RS232C, Mitutoyo digimatic (*5), 2 VDC analog output (D/A),Comparator 3 steps (-NG/OK/+NG), Overload alarm

Sub comparator 2 steps (output of large or small judgment), USB flash drive, Angle(displacement) (*4)-
Overload warningApprox.110%F.S. (Warning message and alarm )
External connecting switchSEND (a point of contact holding), Zero reset, Peak ON/OFF setting
WeightDisplay : approx.490g
DimensionsPlease refer to dimensions.
AccessoryAC adapter, Inspection certificate, CD driver (including simple software for data logging),
Force Recorder Professional (Graphing software for demo), USB cable, Carrying case, L wrench, handles (10N-m range only)
USB flash drive adapter(*6)-
Applicable AttachmentPlease see Specification for Torque Gauge/ Motorized Stand Attachment and
Specification for Torque Gauge Table Attachment

*1 These are the specifications for International model.  Please note that this unit is different from Japanese domestic model and international one.
*2 The recording rate to USB flash drive is selectable among 1, 50 and 100/sec.
*3 The battery is more consumed when connected to USB flash drive or a displacement scale.
*4 Angle (displacement) scale is necessary to activate this function.
*5 Not always available for Mitutoyo digimatic products.
*6 USB flash drive is not included.


Model List of Handheld Type Digital Torque Gauge HTG series

HTGA-2NHTGS-2N2 N-m (200N-cm)2.000N-m (200.0N-cm)0.001N-m (0.1N-cm)
HTGA-5NHTGS-5N5 N-m (500N-cm)5.000N-m (500.0N-cm)0.001N-m (0.1N-cm)
HTGA-10NHTGS-10N10N-m (1000N-cm)10.00N-m (1000N-cm)0.01N-m (1N-cm)