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    Rohde and Schwarz/R&S
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    Spectrum Analyzers
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Analyzers > Spectrum Analyzers : FSP13
Tên sản phẩm : Spectrum Analyzers
Tên Mode : FSP13
Công ty sản xuất : Rohde and Schwarz/R&S
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Thông số kỹ thuật R&S®FSP Spectrum Analyzer
General purpose spectrum analyzer - the standard in the medium class

- Brief Description
The ideal partner for both development and production, featuring good level measurement uncertainty, as well as excellent RF characteristics. The R&S®FSP incorporates proven technology to enable best performance, reliability and ease of service.

- Frequency Range : 9kHz (20Hz) to 3 GHz

- RF Performance:
DANL typ. -155 dBm (1Hz) w/o preamp
Phase-noise typ. -113 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset, CF 500 MHz

- Key Facts
Frequency range 9 kHz to 3GHz, 7 GHz, 13 GHz, 30 GHz and 40 GHz
Resolution bandwidth 1 Hz to 10 MHz
Displayed average noise level -155 dBm (1 Hz)
Phase noise -113 dB (1 Hz) at 10 kHz
Additional filters:
Channel filters from 100 Hz to 5 MHz and RRC filters
FFT filters from 1Hz to 30 kHz
EMI bandwidths and quasi-peak detector
Measurement functions for TOI, MC ACP(R), OBW, CCDF, APD, etc
Measurement applications for cellular standards and general purpose, e.g. phase noise, noise figure, etc.
Lựa chọn FSP13 option. K72, K74, K82, K84, K93
FS-K72 : 3GPP BTS/Node B FDD Application Firmware
FS-K74 : 3GPP HSDPA BTS Application Firmware
FS-K82 : CDMA2000® / IS-95 (cdmaOne) / 1xEV-DV BTS
FS-K84 : CDMA2000®/1xEV-DO BTS Application Firmware
FSP-K93 : WiBro Application Firmware
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