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Power Supplies > Electronic Loads : PLZ30F
Tên sản phẩm : Electronic Loads
Tên Mode : PLZ30F
Công ty sản xuất : Kikusui
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Thông số kỹ thuật The Kikusui PLZ30F is a used Electronic Load Mainframe Unit.

The Kikusui PLZ30F, Electronic Load Mainframe Unit, can accommidate up to 3 channels of Load Units. The current capacity can be increased through a parallel operation of load units.
- Compact and Light
- High-speed Response
- High Precision and High Resolution
- Variable Slew Rate
- Multi Channels
- Low Noise
- Large Capacity
- O V Type
- ABC Preset Memories
- Load Simulations
- Outstanding Operability
- Load Input Terminal
- Remote Sensing Terminal
- Extensive Protection Functions
- External Control
- Inter-frame Control
- Setup Memories
- Standard GPIB, and RS-232C Communication Functions
Lựa chọn PLZ70UAx3

The PLZ70UA model operates even when the input operating voltage is 0 V. This feature is indespensable for testing single-cell fuel cells. The continuing trend toward lower power consumption and semiconductor process miniaturization is driving semiconductor devices to operate with increasingly lower voltages. This makes PLZ70UA suitable for use when evaluating such power supllies.

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