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Wireless/Mobile Instruments > Etc. : TC-3000B
Tên sản phẩm : Etc.
Tên Mode : TC-3000B
Công ty sản xuất : TESCOM
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Thông số kỹ thuật Bluetooth Tester

Product Description
TC-3000B Bluetooth Tester is able to analyzer the data of every packet that is transmitted to the upper application protocol layer using the protocol stack, which is developed by us. In addition, it enables the user to examine the transmitting and receiving signal function. Since it has built-in signal waveform analysis functions such as spectrum analysis, modulation analysis and period power analysis, this enables the user to perform various RF test simply and conveniently. Moreover, since it has important test cases include EDR built-in, it enables the user to check the eligibility of the product standard simply and easily.

Key Features

Supports Bluetooth 1.1/1.2/2.0+EDR

Integrated measurement (RF, Audio, Protocol)

Measures the suitability of Bluetooth specifications, overall auto measurement function according to test case
- Supports 12 RF test cases
- Supports 13 basic Baseband test cases
- Supports Dirty Transmitter

Audio performance (SCO Link) Measurement function (Option 3000-10)
- Audio quality verification (SINAD, Distortion), Audio spectrum, SCO loopback functiion

RF signal analyzer function (Option 3000-20)
- Spectrum Analyzer, Analyze Modulation wave form, power vs. time, power vs. channel, RX-BER

Protocol analyzer function (Option 3000-30)
- Supports Master/Slave mode
- Baseband, LMP, HCI, L2CAP, RFCOMM, SDP, Profile packet analysis
- Execute function of HCI command

EDR Function(Option 3000-40)
- I-Q Constellation
- DEVM (Differential Error Vector Magnitude)
- TX Bit Error Rate (TX-BER)
- Supports 7 EDR RF test case

Digital signal generator /Spectrum Analyzer for 2.4GHz

User difinable Baseband IN/OUT ports for real-time signal monitoring, external modulation, audio source and audio analyzer

HCI interface for DUT connection: USB, RS -232C (UART, BCSP)

Remote control: TCP/IP (LAN), RS -232C

Simple upgrade using the Internet or a floppy disk
Lựa chọn 3000-10 : Audio Test
3000-20 : RF Measurement
3000-30 : Protocol Analysis
3000-40 : EDR(Enhanced Data Rate) RF test
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