Compact yet Accurate OTDR MINI 2

Category: OTDR, Test equiment

Featuring both compactness and lightness, the MINI2 OTDR boasts precision-based test performance, fast response, and easy-to-use capacitive touchscreen. Users can experience accurate and rapid test results with automatic report generation.

Compact yet Accurate OTDR MINI 2

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    • OTDR mode measures distance, loss, reflectance, attenuation and cumulative losses on fiber optic link.
    • SOLA is an application to simplify OTDR testing process. Without having to set or analyze parameter values, you can analyze various OTDR curves.
    • VFL can locate fault location in the fiber directly and also perform as core calibration tool for multi-fiber cables.
    • FIBER MICROSCOPE: Microscope is mainly used to test cleanliness and flatness of the fiber cross section. (peripheral required)

    • File Manager provides convenient file management system allowing users to efficiently manage obtained result files.
    • Invisible light source (1310 or 1550ns) can provide the following sources of light: CW light, 1kHz light, 2kHz light, 1kHz blink light, 2kHz blink light.