ETS-Lindgren’s 3110C Biconical Antenna

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3110C Biconical Antenna


ETS-Lindgren’s 3110C Biconical Antenna

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ETS-Lindgren’s 3110C Biconical Antenna

Introduction :

ETS-Lindgren’s Model 3110C Biconical Antennas combine several unique features to achieve high levels of performance. The balun, feedline, and element cage design give the model 3110C response curves that are almost linear, making it ideal for swept measurements. The antenna’s insensitivity to orientation in the vertical plane helps eliminate any unnoticed or unrecorded change in orientation as the cause for a change in test results.

To achieve this kind of performance, the balun is designed using an unbalanced-to-balanced transformer. This results in very even current transformation. Ferrites are also placed along the feedlines, reducing common mode current that can interfere with the antenna pattern in the vertically polarized measurements.

The 3110C is also easy to mount, and now features a stinger mount with square collar. This collar allows for easy polarization alignment when using an ETS-Lindgren mast.

Key Features

  • Frequency Range 30 MHz to 300 MHz
  • Compact Size for Use in Limited Space
  • Unique Element Design Improves Performance
  • Improved Balun Design for Increased Efficiency
  • Flexible Mounting
  • Excellent RF Symmetry