ETS-Lindgren’s H-491269 Probe Stand Assembly

H-491269 Probe Stand Assembly


ETS-Lindgren’s H-491269 Probe Stand Assembly

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ETS-Lindgren’s H-491269 Probe Stand Assembly

Introduction :

ETS-Lindgren’s Model H-491269 Probe Stand is designed for accurate and repeatable probe positioning when performing field uniformity calibration in accordance with 61000-4-3 and 61000-4-21, among other EMC and military standards.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Height From 25 cm to 240 cm
  • Graduated Scale in 1 mm Increments
  • Floor View Finder for Convenient Probe Location in Chamber
  • Offsets Provided for ETS-Lindgren EMC Probes for Sensor Centers
  • 1/4″ x 20 UNC Probe Mount
  • Stable, Sturdy Platform
  • Low Dielectric Materials
  • Ideal for Field Uniformity to EN61000-4-3
  • Compatible with all ETS-Lindgren EMC Probes

Physical Specifications

Base Plate: 40.6 cm (15.98 in)

Base and Tube Height: 243.8 cm (95.98 in)
Load Capacity Per Carrier: 600 g (21.16 oz)
Probe Mounting Height Maximum: 240.0 cm (94.49 in)
Probe Mounting Height Minimum: 25.0 cm (9.84 in)
Tube Width: 5.1 cm (2.0 in)
Product Options
  • Additional Probe Stand Carrier (H-491276)