품목: Oscilloscope

The ML4025-TDR is a state of the art TDR/TDT and at the same time a Digital Sampling Oscilloscope with CDR.  The DSO automatically performs accurate eye-diagram analysis at 35 GHz to characterize the quality of transmitters and receivers, implementing a statistical under-sampling technique with comprehensive software libraries used for eye measurements, jitter analysis and processing of NRZ/PAM4 data. The true-differential TDR/TDT is used to determine the impedance profile, reflection and transmission losses of components on 4 channels simultaneously. It is designed for characterization as well as manufacturing.


    상품 정보

    Impedance Profile Measurement
    Determination of the magnitude and polarity of
    any back reflected signal
    4 ports per module expandable up to 32 and
    4×35 GHz analog bandwidth
    Low power dissipation
    Sample aperture jitter below 60 fs
    Return loss
    Insertion loss
    Figure 1: ML4025-TDR Accurate multiport S-parameters

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