Probes DVT30-1mm

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The GigaProbes® DVT30-1MM is a complete interconnect development kit for a TDR hand probing solution to perform full PCB interconnect analysis in both time and frequency modes when the waveforms are process with the Tektronix IConnect® SI Software.  With Two probes, you can measure TDR 50/100 ohm impedance and TDT to extract return and insertion loss S-parameters. Accessories are included to attached the probe to the Tektronix Articulating arms for hand free probing, setting the probe tips pitch and much more. 


Probes DVT30-1mm

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    • 30 GHz Bandwidth
    • True Odd Mode 100 ohm Differential Input Impedance
    • Probe can be converted to 50 ohm input impedance
    • TDR Launch Discontinuity <20 mv
    • Fall Time 20 ps or <5 ps Fall Time Degradation
    • Fully Balanced Differential Signals without Ground Contact
    • Adjustable Probe Pitch from 0.25 mm to 2.0 mm
    • Probe Tip diameter 0.254 mm
    • Gold Plated Conductive Diamond non oxidizing probe tips for
    • repeatable TDR measurements
    • Low probing force <10 grams
    • Four probes in one: Use as a 100 ohm, 50 ohm, as a Hand Probe or
    • Mount in a probe articulating arm for hands free probing.
    • Full Set of Probe Pitch Calibration Accessories Included