Repair equipment Service

Open Letter :

Currently, the electronics, telecommunications, and measurement industries are growing rapidly, along with that, calibration and inspection services are also growing. For VIAMVINA Technology Co., Ltd., in addition to calibration services for measuring equipment in the fields of electricity-electronics, time-frequency, length, mass, temperature… we also provide repair services. measuring equipment with a team of leading engineers in the field of measurement.

Repair service list :

Repair Network Analyzer

Repair spectrum analyzer

Repair Oscilloscope

Repair Signal Generator

Repair frequency counter equipment

Repairing electromagnetic field measuring equipment

Repair low voltage testing equipment

Repair high voltage testing equipment

Repair speaker, sound, and headphone testers

Repair tachometer

Repair Measure resistance, test insulation

Repair multi-function IC charger and tester

Repair LCR measuring equipment

Repair semiconductor component characteristics tester

Repair Electrical Data Logger

Repairing power measuring and analyzing equipment

Repairing solar panel analysis equipment

Repair leakage current testing equipment

Repair earth resistance measuring equipment – resistivity

Fix Loop meter

Repairing Battery Testing Equipment – Batteries

Repair voltage and current dividers

Repair High Voltage Amplifier

Repairing height gauges and electric cable deflection meters

Repair electrical equipment safety testing equipment

Repair electrochemical measuring equipment

Repairing machines that measure and create small current and voltage sources

Repair switching and data acquisition systems

Repairing engine and generator testing equipment

Repair Multimeter


Experienced team of engineers and technicians

VIAMVINA Technology Co., Ltd. has a team of engineers and experts with 20-40 years of experience in the field of measurement equipment and has worked in Korea for many years. In particular, Mr. Choi Jae Kyo, technical director of VIAMVINA Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading engineer in Korea in the fields of measurement, electronics and telecommunications, and has worked at many large units such as SAMSUNG, SONY, LG…

Modern equipment and complete spare parts

With a large working area, laboratory and fully equipped lab that have been tested at the Vietnam Metrology Institute (VMI), a prestigious unit and national standard in the field of measurement in Vietnam, the Environmental conditions (humidity, temperature…) are guaranteed according to ISO standards. We are committed to providing the most accurate calibration service to customers.

VIAMVINA Technology Co., Ltd. always has full equipment and replacement parts for all equipment in the measurement field to ensure the fastest repair and replacement for customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in calibration services, repair of measuring equipment or need further technical advice or answers to your questions.