20KV, 30KV ESD Simulator ESD61002TB

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Meet EN/IEC61000-4-2/ISO10605 Standards. Output Voltage 0-30kv


20KV, 30KV ESD Simulator ESD61002TB

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    Intelligent electrostatic discharge generator is designed specifically against electrostatic discharge immunity test requirements, and used to assess the electrical and electronic equipment to suffer from the operator and the surrounding objects electrostatic discharge interference, to provide a performance rating basis.

    ● Fully compliant with the latest standards of IEC61000-4-2

    ●LCD interface display ,Chinese or English menu, easy to use

    ●LCD display Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance

    ●Built-in international standards level parameters, simple

    ● Built-in international standards level parameters, easy to use

    ● Max output voltage up to 30kv

    ● Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.