ETS-Lindgren’s Acoustic Test champer

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Acoustic test champer Doors


ETS-Lindgren’s Acoustic Test champer

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    ETS-Lindgren’s Acoustic Test champer

    Introduction :

    ETS-Lindgren’s SoundSecure Plug-in Doors are an integral component of all ETS-Lindgren’s acoustic test chambers, reverberation chambers, sound isolation rooms, and audiometric booths. SoundSecure Doors are available with excellent acoustical ratings and feature an optional window in a standard location.

    The plug-in assemblies bring ETS-Lindgren’s sound isolation to conventional construction. Designed for acoustical consultants, architects and engineers, ETS-Lindgren’s Plug-in Doors are an effective means of providing superior sound isolation in new construction and renovation projects.

    SoundSecure Plug-in Doors are faced with 16-gauge steel, feature mortised, cam-lift butt hinges, and are sealed with magnetic gaskets at the head and jambs. These doors are furnished with chrome-plated die-cast zinc handles mounted on heavy duty push plates and can be hung to swing either in or out.

    All exposed surfaces of the door and frames are powder-coated with a paintable powder coat. While ETS-Lindgren offers a standard powder coat color, we can also provide colors to match or accent existing decor or to create an additional interior design element.

    Key Features

    • Durable Construction Throughout
    • Fully Assembled and Tested at Factory
    • Multiple Window Sizes and Locations
    • Perfect for New or Existing Construction