RF Shielding Architectural Shielding Material

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Architectural Shielding Material


RF Shielding Architectural Shielding Material

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    RF Shielding Architectural Shielding Material


    ETS-Lindgren’s provides an assortment of customizable Architectural Shielding Products made to suit any project’s requirements. Utilizing a variety of shielding materials and products, ETS can design a shielding system to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Whether a project requires low frequency, high frequency, minimal attenuation, or maximum attenuation level, ETS-Lindgren can design a shielding system to meet a project’s specific requirements.

    Based on a project’s performance requirements, ETS-Lindgren will select the appropriate combination of materials, doors, and RF accessories to meet those requirements. Materials range from Flectron, a metalized, woven fabric material, to shielding foils to modular shielding panels.

    ETS-Lindgren also provides an assortment of accessories for customizing shielding spaces for a variety of applications. This includes shielded windows, filters, and door controllers for automating door opening/closing and interfacing doors with building management systems.

    Key Features

    • EMI and RFI shielding design.
    • Customized Designs to meet user specific requirements.
    • Door options
    • Window options
    • Filter and penetration options