Wireless Test Champer AMS-8500 Antenna Measurement System

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AMS-8500 Antenna Measurement System


Wireless Test Champer AMS-8500 Antenna Measurement System

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    Wireless Test Champer AMS-8500 Antenna Measurement System

    Introduction :

    ETS-Lindgren’s AMS-8500 Antenna Measurement System is a turnkey solution for making compliant Over-The-Air (OTA) performance measurements. This system is ideally suited for automated measurement of antenna performance of wireless devices, and devices with embedded wireless functions as well as traditional antenna pattern measurements for passive antennas. The AMS-8500 system is fully configured to perform both R&D and type approval measurements for transmit power and receiver performance of wireless devices in accordance to the CTIA Over-The-Air (OTA) test plan. The system can also be used to perform traditional passive antenna measurements to obtain more generic antenna properties. Our system packages offer you a choice of components to fit your custom testing needs.

    The system is designed as a general platform to support testing various wireless devices at far-field test distances. It supports far-field measurements at a separation distance of approximately 4.9 m (16 ft). The measurement antenna allows testing from 690 MHz to 10 GHz. Extension to higher frequencies is also achievable via optional antennas.

    5G FR1 Over-The-Air (OTA) test solutions are now available! ETS-Lindgren offers a turnkey package which will enable support for 5GNR SISO non-standalone [NSA] and/or standalone [SA] testing in the FR1 band.

    Key Features

    • Fully-compliant for CTIA Over-The-Air (OTA) Testing for Wireless Devices
    • Passive Antenna Measurements
    • Frequency Range:
      • 690 MHz to 6 GHz (Standard)
      • 400 MHz to 6 GHz (Optional)
      • 690 MHz to 10 GHz (Optional)
    • Modular High Performance Shielded System
    • Multi-Axis Positioning System (MAPS) for High Resolution 3D Pattern Testing
    • Path Length 4.9 m
    • Easy Calibration by User
    • EMQuest Data Acquisition and Analysis Software