84907L Programmable Attenuator

Danh mục: Step Anttenuators

Compact, rugged design with attenuator range of 0 to 70 dB in 10 dB steps and exceptionally low insertion loss


84907L Programmable Attenuator

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    The Keysight 84907L programmable step attenuator sets new standards for size and performance. It offers coaxial measurements to 40 GHz in a compact, rugged design, repeatability better than 0.03 dB, excellent life (greater than 5 million switching cycles per section), and an attenuation range of 0 to 70 dB in 10 dB steps. Keysight achieved high attenuation accuracy and low SWR with miniature thin-film attenuation cards composed of high-stability tantalum nitride film of sapphire substrate. Get outstanding insertion loss — 2.4 dB at 40 GHz from a unit that’s 35 percent smaller than the Keysight 8495/7 26.5 GHz) family for easy integration into instruments and ATE systems.

    Superior RF Performance

    • Frequency range: DC to 40 GHz
    • Insertion loss at 0 dB: 0.6 dB + 0.03 dB/GHz
    • Maximum SWR: 1.25 to 12.4 GHz, 1.5 to 34 GHz, 1.7 to 40 GHz

    Repeatability and Life Span

    • Repeatability life: 0.03 dB max 5 million cycles per section, typical
    • 5 million cycles per section