Digital Power Meter WT310

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The WT300 series is the 5th generation of Yokogawa’s compact power meter portfolio. The world’ s best selling power meter is the power meter of choice in multiple industries from production lines to R&D applications


Digital Power Meter WT310

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Thank you for purchasing the WT310, WT310HC, WT332, or WT333 Digital Power Meter (hereinafter,
“WT300 series” will refer to all of these products). The WT300 series is a power measurement
instrument that can measure parameters such as voltage, current, and power.
This User’s Manual explains the features of the WT300 series and how to use them. To ensure correct
use, please read this manual thoroughly before beginning operation.
Keep this manual in a safe place for quick reference in the event that a question arises.
This manual is one of three WT300 series manuals. Please read all manuals.