Máy kiểm tra Hipot Kikusui TOS5200 5kV AC

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Specification comparison item TOS5200 TOS5050A
Test voltage
Output method PWM switching amp system Slide transformer method
Distortion 3 % or less As per commercial power supply waveform
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz Synchronized with commercial power supply waveform
Output voltage waveform Sine Commercial power supply waveform
Voltage regulation 10 % or less 15 % or less
Input voltage variation ±0.3 % –
Test time Minimum setting value 0.1 s 0.5 s
Accuracy ±(100 ppm + 20 ms) excluding Fall Time ±(100 ppm + 20 ms)
Upper limit setting AC: 0.01 mA to 110 mA AC: 0.1 mA to 110 mA
Lower limit setting AC: 0.01 mA to 110 mA AC: 0.1 mA to 110 mA
Accuracy 1.00 mA ≤ i: ±(1.5 % of set),
i <1.00 mA: ±(1.5 % of set +30 μA) Upper limit: ±(5 % + 20 μA)
Rise Time and Fall Time
control features 3 –
Voltmeter Display Digital Digital, analog
Measurement accuracy ±1.5 % of reading (V>500V) ±1.5 % f.s
Voltmeter/Ammeter Measurement method True rms/mean-value Mean-value/rms value
RS232C Interface POWER Switch and all function except Key lock Output for data, test result
Weight Approx. 14 kg (30.9 lbs) Approx. 15 kg (33.07 lbs)
Other Input power supply 100 Vac to 240 Vac 100 V ± 10 %


Máy kiểm tra Hipot Kikusui TOS5200 5kV AC

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    TOS5200 is designed for AC Hipot Test with 500 VA capacity and 200 mA short circuit current output capability.
    Equipped with the PWM amplifier, the TOS5200 can provide a stable & reliable output without being affected by AC
    power line. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for electronic equipment or devices complied to IEC, EN, UL, VDE and
    JIS etc. requirement. As TOS5200 covers most of features of our upper class model for AC Hipot Test, it achieves the
    superb cost / performance ratio for those who need 200 VA or 500 VA capacity, or both. Also, as it equips the Interlock
    function together with other safety features, operator can carry out the test with higher current value in safe.