N5750A 5772A AC/DC Front End Power Supply

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N5700 series affordable basic system DC power supply give you just the right performance at just the right price in a compact (1 U) 19″ wide package. This affordable single-output programmable DC power supply is suitable for simple DC power applications. It provides stable output power, built-in voltage and current measurement and output voltage and current. This economical supply offers many system-ready features like multiple standard I/O interfaces to simplify and accelerate test-system development for R&D, design validation and manufacturing engineers in the aerospace/defence, automotive, component and communications industries. Users can quickly and easily operate the power supply with its rotary knobs and buttons. To safeguard your device from damage, the N5700 series power supply provides overtemperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection (OVP) to shut down the power supply output when a fault condition occurs.


N5750A 5772A AC/DC Front End Power Supply

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    • 150V, 5A, 750W system DC power supply
    • Ethernet/LAN, USB 2.0 and GPIB interfaces
    • Small, high-density package saves you rack space
    • Easy front-panel operation, extensive device protection, simplify system connections
    • Undervoltage limit (UVL) that prevents adjustment of the output voltage below a certain limit
    • Fully compliant to LXI Class C specification
    • Easy system integration and configuration, universal AC input from 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz
    • Command compatibility for Sorensen DLM and Xantrex XFR DC supplies
    • Rack mount ears and handles are provided standard with every unit
    • Dimension is 43.6mm x 422.8mm x 432.8mm (H x W x D) (excluding connectors and handles)
    • Power Supply DCN5750AAgilent150V/5A/750W, 1U size, bad cosmetic
      Power Supply DCN5772AAgilent600V/2.6A, 1560W, 1U size