TAP2500 Tektronix Active Probe

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Outstanding Electrical Performance

  • ≥2.5 GHz Probe Bandwidth
  • <140 ps Rise Time
  • ≤0.8 pF Input Capacitance
  • 40 kΩ Input Resistance
  • –4 V to +4 V Input Dynamic Range
  • –10 V to +10 V DC Input Offset Range
  • Max Input Voltage (Non-destruct): ±30 V (DC + pkAC)


TAP2500 Tektronix Active Probe

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    • Lower DUT loading effects with ≤0.8 pF input capacitance and 40 kΩ input resistance
    • Versatile DUT connectivity for attaching to small SMDs
    • Preserves oscilloscope bandwidth at the probe tip for DPO7000 and DPO4000 Series Oscilloscope models up to 2.5 GHz