RF Shield Room

I What is the Shield Room ?

RF shielded rooms provide the RF quiet environment needed to perform a variety of application testing such as EMC, wireless technology in automobiles or military vehicles, MRI scanning, and more. These rooms are built with SmartshieldTM modular RF shielding, EMPP electromagnetic pulse protection shielding, complete TEMPEST (secure communication) shielding system and architectural shielding.

Radiated emission: 30 MHz – 18GHz

Radiation immunity: 30 MHz – 6GHz

II Application :

Electromagnetic Pylse Protection EMPP Shield
TEMPEST shield (secure communications)
Architectural shielding system
MRI shielding

III Keys Features :

Prior compliance for Immunity and Emission performance according to EN61000.4.3/EN50147-1
RSC also meets a number of ETSI testing standards (recognised by UKAS)
Flexible modular design allows for easy site changes or upgrades
Independently certified 100dB @ 18GHz shielding performance (ISO17025)