High Precision Single & Ribbon Fiber Cleaver V7/V7+

Danh mục: Fiber Cleave

V7 is available with optional products which automatically pick up pieces of optical fiber (cutting blades provide more than 48,000 cuts with easy blade position selection). V7’s superior cutting capability allow users to nail the most accurate cut and be prepared for the ideal fusion splicing.


High Precision Single & Ribbon Fiber Cleaver V7/V7+

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    Cleaver V7/V7+

    Introduction :

    High-precision optical fiber cleaver V7 cuts optical fiber very precisely. V7 can be used for a wide range of holders for up to twelve ribbon cables as well as universal holders for 250um, 900um and 3.0mm fibers and flat cables. V7 fiber cleaver is easy and simple to operate in two steps to maximize work efficiency.

    High Precision Single & Ribbon Fiber Cleaver

    • Compatible with all VIEW series fusion splicers
    • Available for single and ribbon cleaving up to 12 fibers
    • Easy and simple 2 step operation
    • Automatic fiber shard collector (optional)
    V7 Specification
                                                                                                    V7 Specification

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