4-Lane TDR | TDT | E-DSO 4-Lane 56GBd PPG | ED 400G BERT ML4035

Danh mục: Oscilloscope, TDR/TDT

With a total of 24 ports, the ML4035-TDR allows simultaneous testing on 4-channels. Its diverse
applications go from characterization and production testing of DACs and TIAs to compliance testing of
transceivers and optical modules as well as switch tuning, cable matching, medium fault detection and
various other industry essential applications.



4-Lane TDR | TDT | E-DSO 4-Lane 56GBd PPG | ED 400G BERT ML4035

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    MultiLane’s ML4035-TDR joined our large and diverse collection of successful products as a 3-in-1 400G
    BERT, 35 GHz electrical scope, and TDR instrument, allowing 400G BER tests, NRZ & PAM4 eye diagram
    measurements, as well as medium impedance characterization and S-parameter evaluation.


    Key Features

    • High Resolution TDR/TDT measurements
    • Low cost quadruple 35 GHz Time Domain
    • 4×35 GHz analog bandwidth
      Reflectometry / Transmission optimized for
      high speed tests and measurements
    • Impedance Profile Measurement
    • Determination of the magnitude and polarity
      of any back reflected signal
    • 4 ports per module expandable up to 32+
    • Low power dissipation
    • Sample aperture jitter below 60 fs


    • Return loss
    • Insertion loss
    • Crosstalk
    • Accurate multiport S-parameters

    DSO features

    • Low cost quadruple 35 GHz Digital Sampling
      Scope optimized for high speed data analysis
    • High Fidelity Signal Capture
    • Low intrinsic Jitter
    • Control of multiple modules enabled through
      Fast Ethernet.
    • User friendly GUI, high throughput APIs and
      libraries. The software supports both Linux
      and Windows.
    • Supports external API calls from other
      software e.g. LabView.
    • Repeatable performance and traceable to
    • Single ended and differential electrical inputs
      for each of the four channels
    • Color graded persistence in eye and pattern
      capture modes

    Pulse Pattern Generator

    • Data Rates 23 – 29 GBd and 46 – 58 GBd
    • Ability to tune the bit rate in steps of 100 kbps
      and find the RX PLL locking margin.
    • High frequency clock out > 2.4 GHz
    • Independent control of inner eye levels
    • Up to 0.8 Vppd output swing
    • Supports Gray coding and polarity inversion
    • PRBS 7/9/11/13/15/16/23/31/58 and their
    • PRBS13Q, PRBS31Q

    4-Channel Digital Sampling Oscilloscope providing SerDes testing & characterization

    Software Filters

    The ML4035 software enables de-embedding the effects of cables connected between scope and DUT by means of s2p / s4p files. It also provides SW filters such as FFE that can be applied easily for signal post-processing.

    DSO Applications

    • High-Speed SerDes Testing & Characterization
    • Design/Verification of Telecom and Datacom
      Components and Systems
    • Electro-optical Transceiver Testing
    • Multi-port system testing or Line Cards
    • In-Situ testing of high port count systems
    • Telecom Equipment Test for Installation and
    • Fiber Channel, Ethernet, PON, Parallel Optics
    • High port count burn-in test.

    DSO Measurements

    • Total Jitter decomposition (DJ, RJ)
    • Mask Margin
    • The mask margin can be extracted for a defined
      number of points that fail, thus allowing for
      DUT quality assessment, control and binning
    • Number of failing points for a region can be
      returned as well as the actual points that failed.
    • Eye opening, eye height and width, eye
      amplitude, top, base, max, min, peak to peak
    • Rise/ fall time, single edge measurement in
      pattern capture
    • Statistics histograms and histogram
    • Crossing percentage
    • Pre-emphasis positive & negative
    • Advanced Pattern Measurements
    • Zooming, markers, X and Y histograms,
      overlays, & multiple measurements, statistics

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