Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope ML4015D

Danh mục: Oscilloscope

Ideal for 25G NRZ and 26.6 GBaud PAM4 transceiver testing | Supports 802.3 TDECQ measurements via
SSPRQ patterns | Open Eye MSA support

Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscope ML4015D

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    The ML4015D is a fully featured, cost effective single channel sampling oscilloscope.It can be
    configured to have an optical bandwidth of either 25 or 40 GHz. The supported wavelengths range
    from 1260 to 1650 nm single mode or 700 to 870 nm multimode. The ML4015D can also beconfigured with either a 32 or 50 GHz differential electrical sampler.

    Key Features

    • A noise floor of 5 μW at an analog bandwidth of 25 GHz, and 6-7 μW at 40 GHz bandwidth.
    • Sensitivity level of -11 dBm for a 25.78 Gbps NRZ sign
    • Up to 50 – 70 MHz sampling rate
    • Less than 15 seconds TDECQ on a SSPRQ pattern.
    • FPGA-based architecture enabling TDECQ measurements via capture of SSPRQ and PRBS16 patterns.
    • An extensive library of built-in DSP filters such as Bessel-Thomson, CTLE, DFE, FFE, deembedding, and component emulation, all available free of charge in the standard GUI.
    • Comprehensive eye mask library.
    • Individual impulse response calibration performed at factory.
    • Compact instrument footprint with a ruggedized enclosure and handle.
    • Comprehensive set of APIs and associated sample scripts to accelerate automation development under Linux and Windows, supporting Python, LabView, Matlab, and C#.

    Typical Optical Applications

    • Production/manufacturing testing of 1G to 400G optical transceivers.
    • Benchtop characterization of optical circuits.
    • Qualification of PAM-N and NRZ optical modulators and drivers.
    • Sensitivity testing of optical receivers
    • System testing with ML1016D-CR clock recovery.

    Optical Specifications


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