Attenuator 2 Watt DC-6GHz, 12.4GHz, 18GHz

Danh mục: RF Cable & Adapter

RF ONE’s fixed 2W attenuators are available in SMA, N type, BNC, 4.3-10, 2.92mm, 2.4mm,1.85mm connectors,operating from DC-3GHZ up to 67GHZ.


Attenuator 2 Watt DC-6GHz, 12.4GHz, 18GHz

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    ● Wide selection of power rate, frequency and dB options
    ● In-housing attenuator chip design and fabricating
    ● Up to 67GHz with high accuracy and low VSWR
    ● Competitive price, with 12 month warranty
    ● 1 week delivery for standard part
    ● Customized dB value, outlines, and optimized performance available