ETS-Lindgren’s DEI Enclosures

DEI Enclosures


ETS-Lindgren’s DEI Enclosures

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    ETS-Lindgren’s DEI Enclosures

    Introduction :

    ETS-Lindgren’s standard modular or custom DEI screen industrial shielding enclosures provide the highest shielding performance available in a “hear-through, see-through” structure. These copper screen enclosures are perfect for applications that benefit from a sense of openness and allow for external observation. The superior shielding characteristics obtained from ETS-Lindgren screen enclosures are primarily the result of ETS-Lindgren’s DEI technology, which permits the use of screen in place of the typical solid double shield construction.

    In some applications, screen enclosures eliminate the need for additional ventilation. Where required, exhaust fans or connections to existing air handling systems are easily added. Modular screen rooms are very easy to assemble because of the inherent flexibility of the shielding material which requires lower clamping pressures than are generally required with steel and other rigid materials.

    Kick-plates or protective paneling are used to protect the lower 81.28 cm (32 in) on the inside and outside of each wall panel. Kick-plates are made of an attractive wood grain paneling. A color coordinated vinyl tile is installed over 1.9 cm (.75 in) plywood panels which are connected with .317 cm (.125 in) thick, 10.16 cm (4 in) wide aluminum strips to provide an entirely flush modular floor system.

    Key Features

    • Patented Double Electrically Isolated (DEI) Modular Enclosures
    • Double Electrically Isolated (DEI) Enclosures for Maximum Effectiveness
    • Durable, Expandable, Easy to Assemble, Easy to Move
    • Resilient Clamping System
    • DEI Concept Provides a Hear-through See-through Working Environment