ETS-Lindgren’s N900X Series Power Filters

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N900X Series Power Filters


ETS-Lindgren’s N900X Series Power Filters

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    ETS-Lindgren’s N900X Series Power Filters

    Introduction :

    ​ETS-Lindgren’s Model N900X Power Filters are high performance EMI power filters for use in EMC and Data Center/IT applications as well as any other installation which requires maximum protection from incoming mains interference.

    Filters in the N900x Series are RF sealed in high quality tin-plated steel cases and include multi stage filtering for significant filtering performance. The load current must return to the dedicated neutral in order to maintain maximum performance. Solid and permanent grounding (earthing) of the filter case is essential for safety reasons and to ensure optimum performance. All ETS-Lindgren power filters are CE marked for compliance with the Low Voltage Directive.

    Key Features

    • ​100 dB Insertion Loss from 9 kHz up to 40 GHz
    • Compact, Rugged Construction
    • Current Range 16 to 200 Amps
    • Fitted with Transient Suppressors as a Standard
    • Suitable for use at 400 Hz