10 KV Surge Simulator SUG61005TAX

Danh mục: EMC Accessories

Meet EN/IEC61000-4-5 Standards. Output Voltage 0.2-10kv


10 KV Surge Simulator SUG61005TAX

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    • Fully compliant with the latest standards of IEC61000-4-5
    • Large LCD interface display, Chinese or English menu, easy to use
    • LCD display, Intelligent control, Use the Programmable imported high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance
    • Programmable operation by a key setting
    • Built-in international standards level parameters and user models parameters, simple
    • Built-in intelligent couping / decoupling network. Testing safety
    • Impulse injected the phase angle asynchronous or 0-360 ° free to set
    • The surge test Fully automatic switching without human operation
    • Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.