ETS-Lindgren’s Specialty Filters (USB, Ethernet)

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Specialty Filters (USB, Ethernet)


ETS-Lindgren’s Specialty Filters (USB, Ethernet)

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ETS-Lindgren’s Specialty Filters (USB, Ethernet)

Introduction :

ETS-Lindgren’s Specialty Filters are ideal for applications including communication lines entering or leaving shielded rooms, computer rooms, communication terminal rooms, and Sensitive Compartmental Information Facilities (SCIF). These filters include applications for cable TV filters (CATV) and coax EMI filters.

The LTC-X640 series filters have multiple circuits using passive components and are designed for stand-alone, individual mounting. These filters are supplied with a threaded conduit pipe for penetration of a shielded enclosure.

Some of our filters use a system of converting to fiber optics and then re-converting back to wire. Such is the case with our USB 2.0 and 3.0 and HDMI specialty filters.

Key Features

  • LTC Use Passive Components
  • USB & HDMI Use Fiber Optic conversion
  • Data Communication
  • Control Line
  • Cable TV Filters (CATV)
  • Coax EMI Filters