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Meet ISO7637-2 Standard



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    SO 7637-TP12a simulator is designed for automotive electronics equipment immunity test.

    This test is a simulation of transients due to supply disconnection from inductive loads. It is applicable to DUTs ,which as used in the vehicle, remain connected directly in parallel with an inductive load. Pulse 2a simulates transients due to sudden interruption of currents in a device connected in parallel with the DUT due to the inductance of the wiring harness. Full compliant with the latest standards of ISO7637-2,-3 

    • Full compliant with the latest standards: ISO7637-2
    • LCD display, Intelligent control, reliable performance
    • System can be efficient and flexible combined, can be alone operated, Unified control through the microcomputercontrol operation.
    • Use the Programmable imported high-voltage power supply, Reliable performance
    • Built-in international standards level parameters and user model parameters,
    • Positive and negative polarity are automatically switched, easy to operate.
    • Built-in the RS232 interface ,Remote operated by the optional control software.